Claire Lerner, LICSW is a nationally recognized early childhood expert with over 30 years experience in infant mental health, parent guidance and family support. Claire is devoted to helping parents nurture their young child’s overall healthy development through a range of services, including: parent consultation, parent workshops, school observations, home visits, and consultation in pediatric practices and early care and education settings.

 Kids Are So Smart– and other stories from the field:

Three-year-old Sadie is pushing the limits around bedtime, demanding increasing numbers of books and songs, and then calling out that she is hungry after mom and dad have said goodnight, which draws them right back in.  Sadie’s parents are concerned that things have gotten out of control– that Sadie is calling all the shots– but they don’t know how to turn it around. This morning, however, they realized they had to do something, when Sadie woke up and announced to her dad, “I just want you to know, that tonight after you put me to bed, I am going to be reeeally hungry.”

Ask Claire

Send an email to Clerner92762@gmail.com with your parenting or child development question and she may post the answer as her question-of-the-week.  So keep checking…

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